Diagnostic and Laboratory Testing

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Our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment means that most laboratory services and other tests and procedures can be performed on-site, offering you more convenient and efficient health care.

We offer the following services:

  • Full Laboratory allowing us to do almost all blood and urine testing on site
  • Anti-Coagulation Clinic for monitoring the safety and effectiveness of your blood-thinners
  • Holter Monitor to evaluate your heart rhythm over 24 hours
  • Ultrasound tests to image your heart, carotid arteries, thyroid, gallbladder, aorta, leg circulation, and others
  • Lung Function Testing
  • EKGs to evaluate your heart rhythm
  • DEXA scanning to determine the strength of your bones
  • Audiometry and Tympanometry to evaluate your hearing and ear drums
  • Certified Diabetes Educator for one-on-one diabetes counseling and education
  • Cryosurgery for managing unwanted skin conditions like warts and skin tags
  • Minor Surgical Procedures such as skin biopsies, mole removal, and drainage of abscesses
  • Certified Health Coach for weight loss and achieving optimal health with Take Shape for Life.
  • Professional Counseling: People to People is a local professional counseling agency that offers services to adults, children, families, and couples. Six Counties is a team of Behavioral Health Associates that offers outpatient counseling as well as psychological testing and medication management. Both agencies have professional counselors who will complete initial consultations at our office.